5 Tips To Prevent Vandalism On Construction Sites

Taggers enjoy the benefits of the numbers. However, they depend on only a few security flaws to exploit the website. Use these top tips for preventing graffiti:

1: Limit Access to Your Construction Site

Be sure that the fences surrounding your construction site are securely constructed. And that gates are secured at night to keep potential taggers from gaining access.

Ensure you block access after hours under cover of darkness by removing any items that trespassers could use to get past barriers and shut off the site lighting.

2: Invest In Mobile Video Surveillance

Modern mobile security devices can be deployed to track your personnel or be stationary for longer-term
construction site security. They also include many advantages, like:

  • 360-degree views of the site from elevations of 20 feet.
  • Remote security agents follow its feeds to assess the threat level, communicate in real-time with criminals, and immediately notify the police.
  • Infrared and thermal imaging tracks the body’s heat in low light.
  • Remote access allows site administrators to monitor their digital security feeds through their devices from any location and at any time.
  • A security that is much less than hiring physical security
  • All of these advantages can be utilized on behalf of your business as part of a custom security plan suited to your requirements. Contact the security experts to learn more.

3: Think Like a Graffiti Tagger

How Do You Stop Graffiti?

Every tagger has a particular goal. They’d like to find a location that’s easily identifiable at night and has good daytime visibility. Install surveillance and lighting around any wall that fits the description.

Motion-sensitive lighting is efficient and effective because they’re sufficiently alarming to act as an effective deterrent. They also are activated when there is no movement.

4: Work With Neighborhood Watch

Construction managers working on ongoing projects such as an apartment development may attend meetings and discuss with residents of the area about maintaining the site’s cleanliness.

The residents will appreciate the developers taking care enough to attend meetings and might assist in monitoring the site.

5: Speak To Your Local Authorities

The signs of gang activity indicate that it’s time for you to inform the local police. This might seem like an unintentional solution or a waste of time, but it’s not.

In the simplest sense, the information you provide will inform the police that gangs are operating in the area, so authorities must look for them.

These guidelines give construction the advantage over taggers or anyone seeking to harm your site. Some unanswered questions could hinder sites from focusing on their needs since they believe graffiti issues aren’t worth fighting.

Developers, too, tend to accept graffiti as part of the norm. Some feel that graffiti is everywhere in our lives and that taking preventive measures isn’t worth the effort, or the simple repaint would suffice. Think about this question to help you think about your options.

It’s not just an expense in time, effort, and budget; it could be viewed as an open invitation to further graffiti. A study has found that most graffiti artists view repaints as not an effective deterrent but rather as an element of a battle to claim ownership.

Does Anything Happen To Taggers When They’re Caught?

Taggers could be arrested when construction sites adopt proactive measures to stop them on the spot.

They are “artists” who are guilty of deliberate destruction per Maryland law and could be punished with fines of hundreds of thousand dollars or even years in prison if developers stand up to them.

The Graffiti Resource Council (GRC) offers advice and support to vulnerable individuals and groups and is committed to pushing the policy of preventing graffiti.

Developers must remember that they’re not alone in their fight against taggers. Working with security experts with experience is an enormous benefit in preventing vandalism and graffiti.

Many property owners are frustrated and lost when confronted with the problem of preventing graffiti. However, there are steps that you can implement.

A List Security team specializes in live surveillance and ensures construction sites are under surveillance 24/7.

Taggers might be hesitant when confronted with the flashing of lights, loudspeaker alerts, and video footage that could provide convincing evidence. Get in touch with A List Security and speak with an expert today.

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