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A Brief Guide On How To Make an Automation Testing Strategy

An efficient automation testing strategy is essential in the achievement of an automated software testing procedure, and when it is executed correctly, it will bring numerous advantages. A few of these benefits are more coverage of tests, greater test reliability, quicker time-to-market, and faster ROI. Companies must adopt the steps below to implement an efficient software-based test automation strategy.

1. Determine the goals of test automation:

Setting goals for testing prior to beginning an automated test process is crucial since it will help keep the testing process in line. The objectives could include faster execution of tests, improved tests, more accurate results, a reduction in regression time cost savings, and more.

2. Make sure you have the right group of individuals in the team:

Once the automation goals have been defined, it is vital to select the right group of team members. Teams should have practical experience in handling tasks like writing test scripts, conducting the tests, analyzing the test’s failures, updating tests, writing regression tests, etc.

3. Design the test approach:

Once the team that is right for you has been identified, and the roles are set, it’s time to create the test strategy. It is crucial first to decide what needs to be automated, then choose the test stage to be written, and then decide on the type of test to be carried out.

4. Select the automation testing framework that you prefer:

Test automation frameworks provide the guidelines that should be adhered to when writing and running tests. Based on the needs, teams may choose a framework that includes Linear scripting (record and playback), Library architecture testing framework, Modular based testing framework and Data-driven Testing Framework, etc.

5. Pick the appropriate testing instrument:

Choosing the correct testing tool for efficient automated software testing is vital. In order to choose the best testing tool; it is essential to verify whether it is compatible with the current project’s tech stack and languages supported; test environment capabilities, browser support and operating system (OS) support and mobile/desktop/web apps, among others.

6. Create the test environment

After all of the above steps have been completed; it’s time to prepare the test environment that will run the test. In order to set up your test lab, purchase the necessary hardware and software for the test.

7. Create and implement the tests:

This is an essential step in the process of creating test scripts and then executing them. When you create test scripts, be sure they’re reusable, well-structured and documented. After the test scripts have been completed, you can test them by using automation testing frameworks and tools.

8. Examine and report the results of the test:

After the test execution process has been completed; it’s important to review the test results to determine the flaws and what can be improved or fixed as well as how effective the test was. It is important to share test results and the results with all people involved.

9. Make sure to keep test scripts in place:

As the final step, it is essential to keep the test scripts in order to be reused in regression tests or testing the same kind of software. Additionally, you should keep cleaning the test cases that are no longer needed. Adding the latest test scenarios to the repository to ensure that the automation is effective and allow future reuse of test scripts.

To ensure a successful automation testing process, establishing a successful test automation plan and implementing the most recent automation testing trends is vital for today’s companies to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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