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An Individual Ghostwriter or a Ghostwriting Agency: What’s the Better Option?

Once you have embarked on the journey to write your book, you’ll indeed find some hurdles in your path. Often, writers lose a sense of direction, their perspective gets clouded, and they just can’t manage to free themselves of their writer’s block. In such situations, ghostwriters prove to be their knights in shining armor.

After you decide to hire a ghostwriter to help you on your journey, next comes the tricky part. You find yourself contemplating whether you should go for a solo ghostwriter or a ghostwriting agency. Both the options offer their own set of advantages. So, how do you pick the one that’s most suitable for your needs?

Here, we have compiled a list of all the essential questions to help you make your choice. As you reach the end, you’ll know for sure whether you need a solo writer or a ghost book writing agency.

Assess Your Project’s Requirements

Before you begin considering your options, you need to do your homework first. Assess your requirements and figure out what you need from a ghostwriter. This will help put things in perspective and understand who’d be the fittest choice for you.

What’s the kind of project you’re working on?

There can be several types of projects. For instance, you could be writing a memoir, finishing your ebook, or perhaps looking to seek help to draft content for your blog. So, first things first! Have a clear mind of precisely what type of services you require. All the writing projects follow a different approach, so you’ll have to pick the ghostwriter accordingly.

What type of tone would you prefer?

Technical writing and creative writing vastly differ from one another. The procedures, the tone, and everything in between is pretty different. Say you’re writing a fiction book; you’d want to hire an imaginative writer. If you hire a technical writer for creative tasks and vice versa, their tone wouldn’t be suitable for your needs. As a result, your project will suffer.

 What’s your deadline?

Ghostwriting tasks often require a significant amount of time. Urgent tasks cost more money rather than in cases where time isn’t an issue. Hence, before you move on, have a clear idea of your deadlines and project timeline. You also need to know your budget to make an agreement accordingly. The time and cost are very different between freelancers and ghostwriting agencies.

 Why Choose a ghostwriting Agency?

The top benefit of hiring an agency is the access to a team of a variety of writers that come with a great experience. An agency can facilitate you according to your needs and pair you with a writer who resonates with you and understand your vibe. Moreover, agencies typically assign a writer according to your needs, so you don’t need to go through the troubles of tirelessly searching for the perfect match for yourself.

Another great advantage that agencies have over freelancers is that a solo writer cannot be an editor. When you hire an agency, your work is written, proofread, and edited by several experts. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an agency is a one-stop-shop where you get everything in one place.

When working with a team, you don’t have to fret over work quality and lack of punctuality. Agencies have tons of writers on board and experts in their particular niches, ensuring top-notch quality content. Multiple sets of eyes to review a project guarantees all errors are caught, and there are no blunders.

How can we forget the feature of security that comes with agencies? Once you hire an agency, there’s a guarantee that you will get the work on time, and it will also be secure. A solo writer may not be as great at meeting deadlines as an agency.

Freelancers often disappear from the picture for several reasons. Sometimes they find a full-time job or drop your project when they take on too many projects. As a result, the client is left hung out to dry. You will never experience such an inconvenience with an agency. Even if the particular writer working on your project leaves the job, the company will have a substitute right up.

Are Freelancers a Viable Option?

Freelance ghostwriters work individually with a client on a contract basis. Although there are some full-time freelancers, most individuals take on freelance projects part-time for a side earning. There are plenty of online platforms where you can connect with freelance writers simply by looking up terms like “freelance ghostwriter” or “ghostwriting services.”

However, there are no official standards set for freelancers, so not all come with specific training or prior experience. You’ll need to conduct thorough research before landing on your final choice. Although you might find someone with a low pay rate, you must keep in mind that you get what you pay for in the writing world. If you try going cheap, you might not get excellent quality content and might end up spending even more money in the future. Furthermore, the less you pay, the more time it will take for your project to finish. Individual writers don’t have a team to facilitate them, and they’re working on multiple projects at once. Hence, there’s no guarantee they will be as prompt as you expect them to be.

Some people often end up finding exceptional freelance writers for themselves who understand their requirements and work according to the client’s expectations. There are phenomenal freelancers available, but you will have to dedicate a significant amount of time looking for the right pick.

Having said that, one remarkable benefit of hiring a freelancer is that you might find someone who will reduce their rates for royalties or credit if they love your story. This option is not usually available with agencies as they offer an all-encompassing rate upfront.

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To conclude, the decision of whether you want to hire an agency or a freelancer is totally on you. Just make sure you conduct enough research and planning. With proper planning, you will have a clear perspective. As a result, you will find yourself the perfect fit.

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