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Best Platform for Online Tutorials

By 2020, online learning will be required for all students of all ages. Although the pandemic will eventually cease, many experts believe that online education will continue to be an important element of education. These websites, many of which are free, are among the greatest for learning about any subject, ranging from traditional academic subjects to professional and hobby skills.

The world, like all of the wonderful things there are to learn about it, is constantly changing and evolving. From new perspectives on history and human studies to deep AI and computer science. There’s more to learn than ever before. Once you’ve graduated from high school. It can be tough to discover opportunities to learn new skills, develop new abilities, and widen your perspectives. This effort is being aided by the Internet, which has made courses and training more accessible than ever before. Most people can benefit from online classes. And we’ve put together a list of resources to help you pick the right one.

Best Platforms for the Online Learning

Students always need platforms that can help them to be better. Therefore, most students prefer to go online because online learning is most effective even some students approach online assignment help services because these services enhance their skills. Therefore, students search according to their country like Assignment help Dubai is mostly searched by the Dubai students. These services not only complete their assignment but also enhance their skills, but here in this article, you will get to know some best platforms for online learning.

Alison’s Learning path

Alison offers a variety of free online courses created by experts on a variety of topics. This information compiled by a collection of educators and businesses. Some of them are funding by various corporations to assist with very particular initiatives, such as applying for certifications and exams. Marketing, health, humanities, science, and technology are some of the most popular classes. Although some of the more advanced lectures are pricey, the site also offers a variety of free online learning pathways that can be utilized to achieve a degree from another institution.


Users of Codecademy get access to a wide range of coding-related courses tutorials and languages, including everything from computer science to JavaScript to web development. There’s no need to overwhelming by the options when Codecademy offers a nine-question “quiz” that identifies your core skills and suggests the best learning pathways for you. The basic plan is available for free.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated from 3rd-grade arithmetic and high school biology to U.S. history and macroeconomics, this exceptional nonprofit offers a wide range of pre-K to college-level courses. The Khan for Educators provides teachers with instruction, how-to videos, and recommendations for using Khan Academy with their students.


For those who want to learn web programming rapidly, Bloc is a more intensive option. Instead of brief tutorials courses or lectures, this well-structured curriculum lasts several months and includes 25 hours per week of instruction. isn’t cheap, with tuition starting at $8,500, but it’s a great option for those who are ready to make a career change. It presently provides two skill-development learning programs: web design and web development.


Coursera is the most well-known name in online education and courses. More than 3,900 specialized courses are available through a global network of universities and partners. You may get a lot of the service for free, or you can utilize it to get an online degree from a reputable university. Many software businesses have also contributed many of their certification modules and exams to Coursera. Which can help you with things like database management and ERP tool use. It teamed with Disney and Pixar in 2020 to honor the film Soul with a selected set of creative arts and careers courses.

Videos for Teacher Education

Russell Stannard’s fantastic site features award-winning screencasts to assist instructors and students in integrating technology into their classrooms. Google, Moodle, Quizlet, Camtasia, and Snagit among the educational technology videos included. The sections on online teaching and Zoom are especially useful.

Virtual Nerd Mobile Math

More than 1,500 video tutorials courses covering middle-grade arithmetic topics through Algebra 2 are available on this straightforward, easy-to-navigate site. Thousands of additional video tutorials are available to help students master the Common Core State Standards for arithmetic in grades K-12, as well as SAT and ACT math topics. A fantastic resource for kids who are having trouble grasping subjects or who want to explore on their own.


edX is a Harvard and MIT-founded online learning platform tutorials that has educated over 20 million individuals since its inception. It’s a non-profit organization that offers courses in computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, writing, electronics, biology, and marketing from teachers and universities all over the world. The majority of courses are free, however, you can pay for a verification certificate that verifies your completion. You can also utilize the site to begin your degree program search.

Online Courses at Harvard

If you take interest in studying business development or STEM, Harvard University has made some of its courses and distinctive projects available online (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The Harvard Online Courses program offers both free and fee-based courses, with prices ranging from $25 to thousands of dollars. The themes cover everything from the latest in computing trends to exploring how early explorers traveled by starlight to post-COVID real estate development. The majority of the courses just self-paced and include lectures by Harvard professors as well as extra study materials.

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