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Hey friends! How are they? Little by little I am returning to my blog again. I have had many projects on the doorstep and in development, that for seasons keep me away from my website, that does not mean that I forget about you, because remember the many things that I am learning along this path as an SEO consultant, I will sharing with you.

Because I have come to share a list of various websites that allow you to register and send guest articles, totally free and most of them approve them instantly.

Remember that this is part of the Linkbuilding series that aims to enter the world of famous backlinks, so essential today to position almost any web page. So let’s get right to it.


Every time I start a web project and before I start spending a few thousand pesos on link-building strategies, I first like to ” analyze the market “, this analysis for me consists of sending a set of low, medium, and high-quality links.

Remember that I have already shared a list of low/medium quality sites for link building and if you still don’t know it, what are you waiting for?: Free Backlinks.

It was something I did with an informational cube, Mexican schools, and my new project, Traveling by. The reason I do this is that I like to see which are the “weakest” keywords to rank and start working on them, to take them to the top of Google.

Well, it is necessary to remind you that each keyword has different “complexity” to position itself, and generally the more traffic a keyword has, the more difficult it will be to be in the top 1 of the SERP, but already all that, what is a guest article?.


In the eyes of good SEO, guest posts are an excellent strategy to get quality links through unique, valuable, and original content. It is called ” guest article, guest post or guest posting “, because it is an article that you write yourself, to be sent and published on another web page.

To make it more understandable, let’s imagine that you write an article on ” how I managed to position my website in 5 months “, as a good Samaritan you want to share the techniques, tricks, and strategies that you carried out to achieve it. You send me the article and in a few days it would be published here on this blog

But it is necessary to clarify that this is not as simple as it seems, because each blog has its set of “guidelines and guidelines”, to agree to publish a guest article.

That means that it is not as simple as it seems because first, you have to build a list of “sites” where they accept this type of dynamics, and secondly, familiarize yourself with their publication policies and guidelines.

It should be noted that despite this being the correct way to create guest articles, there are WEBSITES THAT ALLOW YOU TO REGISTER AND PUBLISH GUEST POST.

And right now I am going to present you 6 websites, which you must have in your SEO kit, to generate a few low and medium quality links to your web projects. Let’s get to know them



Apsense is a website type ” social community “, which allows you to register without much problem and through a system of “missions” generate points that you can exchange for posts of Articles. Despite being a site in English there is no “moderation”, so the articles you generate will be published instantly and you can also upload it in Spanish, English, German, etc, etc.


Globedia is a Spanish digital newspaper, which has an editor program in which you can create news articles yourself and its main language is Spanish.

Generally does not have a “moderation” of the articles, however, I have gotten to delete some, for not complying with regulations on copyright, although they are isolated cases.


If you work sites in English, this may be a very good option for you. It is a community of bloggers who share ideas, tips, news, and various topics in general. You only have to sign up to register, which is very simple, however, in this portal there is ” post modeling “, so you have to create very good quality articles in order to be accepted.

It should be noted that the first post can take up to 2 months to be approved, but once one is accepted, the other posts take about a week to be published, of course, if they pass the publication guidelines.

Write Up cafe

This website, as we can see, does not have traffic, but it does have authority, which helps us to improve the metrics of our website. Its registration and writing system is similar to the previous one, but there is no moderation, so the articles are published instantly.

Theomn Buzz


This website is the same as the previous one, it allows a very simple registration and does not handle guest posting moderation, so it is an ideal place to be able to “spin” articles and publish them.

Blog Loving

The metrics and traffic of this website say a lot about it and the best thing is that it allows the creation of articles in Spanish and English. It does not usually go through a post-approval system and due to the metrics it has, the idea here is to create an article that is positioned and generates traffic to your backlink.


These websites are worth gold, first of all, because they are difficult to find, second because adding them to your SEO strategy can give you value and as the third added value, you can experiment with each one of them without fear.

In the next update, I will be making this list of free guest articles larger, so that you can include it on your sites to generate backlinks. Until next time.

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