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Generator vs Inverter Battery For Home: Which One To Choose?

To get a generator or an inverter battery, this question has plagued many consumers looking for an alternate source of power in the face of frequent power cuts. On the surface, both these devices fulfill the same function – provide electricity backup. Why then are consumers often faced with the dilemma of choosing between the two?
Well, there are several reasons. If you’re also confused, here are some points of  generator vs inverter battery for a home to clear things up.

What is an Inverter Battery for Home?

The primary purpose of an inverter is to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). Also, inverters usually have extra electronic circuits that control load management and battery charging to enable the use of regular household appliances.

In a sense, it acts as a power adaptor to run low-power home devices via conventional home wiring powered by a battery.

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What is a Generator?

A generator is a device that produces electricity via mechanical energy. However, for the sake of precision, it doesn’t exactly create electricity. In fact, it uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. Here, the electricity is furnished only when an internal turbine is spun at a pre-determined speed, which is usually done by a diesel engine in this case. However, the options aren’t limited. Generators also use other electricity generation sources of mechanical energy such as steam turbines, water turbines, gas turbines, and internal combustion engines.
These are one of the most popular devices for electrical power backup during outages, especially in electrical systems for power plants and mobile equipment. Since it generates DC power, generators are also extensively used in electroplating applications and communication systems.

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Generator vs. Inverter Battery for Home

Now that you know what both these devices are and do, let’s discuss the differences.

At the outset, the purposes of both these devices are quite different. Where generators are suited to commercial and industrial use, inverters cater to more small-scale applications, such as residential. One of the reasons is the form factor. Generators are generally larger in size and are typically installed outside the premises. Inverters, on the other hand, can be seamlessly integrated into home interiors.

However, the smaller size also means less battery size, and hence, a smaller power backup capacity. That’s why, an inverter battery for home is most commonly used to power fans, lights, charging ports, and less energy-hungry applications. In contrast, generators are more than capable of powering energy-intensive applications. That’s why they’re used in industries, where even a minute of power cut can spell millions in losses.
In terms of cost, the initial installation costs of generators are much greater than inverters. And that’s to be expected, given their scale of operation. Inverters are comparatively way cheaper, as they should be as per their application.
So, though, in a broad sense, these devices provide the same function, there are many differences between the two you should consider before choosing any one for your power backup needs.

Inverter vs Generator: Cost

While generators produce more noise and use gasoline to operate, they are cheaper to buy than inverters. They are easy to repair as spare parts are widely available and it costs less to repair them as well.

The smooth power flow, noiseless operation, compact design, and other features drive up the price of inverters. Even the cheapest inverters are slightly more expensive than generators. However, the price is worth it.


With the points mentioned above, you’re well equipped now to make an informed choice in regards to your power backup device. If you think an inverter would suit your requirements better, choose only the best in the market. Talking about the best, Genus Innovation’s Genus inverter checks all the boxes when it comes to quality, reliability, affordability, and durability. So, why wait? Connect with us today to know more about our prices or products. Buy inverter battery from Genus if you want sturdy design, high purity, and specially designed plates for low water topping, which ensure low maintenance.

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