How to Convert Multiple EML Files to PDF?

In the informative article, we are going to solve the most searched query on the internet, for instance, how to convert multiple EML files to PDF adobe?

We have explained to you two ways to export EML files to PDF via manual and professional methods.

Before we move on the article, let’s take a look at users query.

“hii, I have 500+ EML files on my PC. Due to some reasons, I want to convert EML files into PDF format. Now, I am looking straightforward solution for converting all EML files to PDF documents. Can someone tell me a solution to this problem?”

Email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail can export EML files. Since PDF files are easily accessed on any system. So, more people are seeking a way to bulk convert EML to PDF.

Why do we need to Convert Multiple EML files to Adobe PDF?

In many cases, users need to transfer batch EML files to PDF documents. A Few reasons are listed below:

  1. PDF is a portable and independent platform, easy access on any System and device.
  2. A PDF file is a legal evidence report for digital forensics investigation purposes.
  3. You can use the PDF format as a backup for future reference.
  4. It gives you password protection.
  5. Users can easily print EML to PDF documents.

Manual Way to Import Multiple EML files to Adobe PDF using Thunderbird

In this section, we have described your manual way to convert EML files to PDF by using the Thunderbird email client. It is not a trusted method to Import Multiple EML files to Adobe PDF.

Note: The manual way is good if you convert some .eml messages to .pdf format. If you want to do bulk conversions then this method is not reliable for you. You might lose your data as well as attachments. This is a very long and time-consuming process.

  1. Firstly, Start the Thunderbird application on your PC.
  2. Secondly, select any Thunderbird folder and right-click on the folder.
  3. Thirdly, mouse over the ImportExportTool NG >> Export all messages in the folder.
  4. Next, choose the PDF option from the multiple options.

# Convert Selected EML message to PDF format

  1. Right-click on the selected message.
  2. Then, click the save selected messages option >> PDF format option.

Professional Solution to Import Batch EML files to PDF

If users have few EML files then they can go with a manual solution. If they have a large number of EML files, it becomes quite difficult. As a result, we recommend the solution to convert multiple EML files to PDF format. BitRecover EML to PDF Converter is the best and easy solution to Import Bulk EML files to PDF documents. It allows transferring multiple .eml files to .pdf format with attachments. The application has a user-friendly interface that even a novice user can understand its layout without outside help.

Final verdict

In Conclusion, We suggest you two ways to convert multiple EML files to PDF adobe. The manual approach is good if you have a small amount of EML data. But it is not capable to import batch EML files to PDF with attachments. From my point of view, you can try our simple and easy solution. There is no EML file size restriction. You can easily convert thousands of EML files into PDF format at once. The software also provides you free demo version. Try it and share your experience with us.

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