How to Get 99.9% Network Uptime Dedicated Server in UK?

Generally, every company claims they offer 99.9% guaranteed network uptime, but what’s the ground report? Do they provide us with 99.90% network uptime? Almost all the major web hosting providers in the UK follow the same marketing strategy. They often advertise their products with the same hook “99.9% Guaranteed Network Uptime”.Because network uptime is the most important aspect for every Dedicated Server UK. Companies build their brand trust by marketing and every customer wants high performance, secure, and high network uptime web hosting to host their website.

In this article, I will give you proper information about network uptime and how to get the highest network uptime and best dedicated server in UK. Also, I would suggest to you the most reliable and trusted brand that offers high-performing dedicated server hosting in UK. So let’s get started!!

A Brief Introduction to Highest Network Uptime

I would like to explain this term by giving an example. Suppose, suddenly your website gets a high amount of traffic and your website takes more time to load. Your website does not handle that much traffic and the performance of the website is decreasing. So it means your website increases downtime. Similarly, network uptime refers to how your website is performing in the worst-case scenario. If you have a high network uptime dedicated server in the UK, you are not worried about driving a high amount of traffic daily.

To make this definition clear, higher network uptime gives you the best customer experience and helps in increasing the revenue for your business. Also, help increase your Google SEO ranking for your website.

Serverwala Offers 99.9% Network Uptime Cheap Dedicated Server UK

There are many web hosting companies that provide 99.9% network uptime but I would like to share my personal experience with Serverwala Cloud Datacentre. This web hosting company guarantees to maintain 99.9% network uptime dedicated servers in the UK.

Serverwala Cloud Data Center is a very promising brand that I consider for dedicated servers in the UK. They currently operate in over 21 countries and handle 14M+ client requests. They have their own data center 56+ around the world. Therefore, I have always recommended a dedicated server with servers in UK to improve your website performance.

Advantages of Using Serverwala’s UK Dedicated Server

Here are some benefits of Serverwala’s Dedicated Servers that everyone should know and make of the best dedicated servers in the UK.

Premium Bandwidth

Serverwala is one of the most trusted brands that offer premium and Unlimited bandwidth with dedicated servers in the UK. You are not worried about bandwidth overage charges, Serverwala provides unlimited bandwidth to its customers.

Optimal Performance

Serverwala gives you the best hardware tools that help improve the performance of your website. Sometimes other web hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting reduces the performance of your website as they host multiple websites on the same server. But a dedicated server with servers provides your dedicated resources to improve the performance of your website.

Supporting Customer Care 

Serverwala has a highly experienced technical support team that they are always ready to resolve your technical query. They provide 24/7 customer support or a live chat facility to increase the satisfaction score of their customer.

SSH Root Control

Serverwala allows you to manage and customize your dedicated server as per your business needs. You have complete ownership to optimize or scale your dedicated server at any time. They offer more flexibility than other brands.

Services Level Agreement

Serverwala Cloud Datacenter signed and promises its customers to provide 100% network uptime and a super-fast, highly secure network experience. They build strong relationships with their customers.

Serverwala Cheap Dedicated Server UK Plans & Packages

Now I will introduce from plans and packages of cheap dedicated server UK. Serverwala tries to serve premium services at very affordable price. So you just figure out best dedicated server UK plans for your business.

Customers Feedback

Feedbacks plays an very important role in purchasing journey. Just look at other customer review than you decide to invest in a dedicated server UK that is reliable or not for your business. Moreover, you will get more details about this company and their products.


With a high amount of traffic to your website, Serverwala’s 99.9% network uptime dedicated servers in the UK are the most beneficial for your website. They provide the best web hosting services with world-class customer service. They provide fully managed and advanced dedicated servers, which means that your dedicated server is managed by a highly professional and experienced team, provided by Serverwala.

After setting up Serverwala’s dedicated servers in UK for your business, you will rank higher in Google and attract more potential customers to your business. If you still have any queries about Serverwala, you can feel free to visit their website. (


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