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How to Score a Perfect Squat: Everything

Squats are key to full-body fitness plans. It works on major muscle groups of your body and helps you burn fat, build muscle and gain body strength.

You might have seen pictures of it all over the internet. Squats have taken the internet by the storm – as an Instagrammable trend and as a workout staple. Why are people so interested in squats suddenly? Take a look at the points below.

Why should you do squats?

Squats are a part of functional workouts. Whether you opt for an offline or online workout plan, you will probably find the option of squats. 

Squats are a compound movement. It means that by doing a squat you can engage almost every muscle group in your body. 

Your lower body is involved in movement which requires multiple joints and muscle groups. For instance, your hips and knee joints both get a workout when you do a squat correctly. You could also get an upper body workout by adding in a dumbbell to your squat workout.

Here is how squatting can improve your body fitness:

  • Squats improve muscle mass.
  • It regulates the metabolism of glucose-lipid and insulin sensitivity. Squats are therefore recommended to people with diabetes.
  • You get better mobility by doing squats regularly.
  • Improves blood flow to the lower body organs like your genitals.
  • Builds strength and improves ease of doing everyday physical activities.

How to do the perfect squat

Squats may be popular but very few people do it right. The problem is in achieving the perfect form. As we grow older the form of our squats gets sloppy.

Here are a few tips to perfect your squat:

Squats for beginners – no weights

  • Your feet must be a little wider than your shoulder-width.
  • Remember to push your hips back simultaneously as you bend your knees.
  • Keep your spine neutral, your feet flat and steady on the ground.
  • Keep your chest up.
  • Try to push yourself low. The aim of the squat is to crease your hips lower than your knees.
  • Score the perfect squat by completing the hip and knee extension and then stand up.


Squats with weights 

Once you master squats without weights, you can experiment. Doing squats without weights helps to perfect the form. 

Using weights makes your body attuned to resistance. When you hold a weight in your hands, you will notice that forming a squat is more difficult. Here are three basic forms of squats with weights –

  • The back squat – A back squat is for the experienced lifter. You should consult the trainer at your fitness studio gym for help. The back squat involves weightlifting with a barbell.

For a back squat, your hands must be level with the plane of your shoulders. Elbows should point down to the floor. Your arms will create a W-like shape along the bar. Remember to keep your hips pushed back and then follow the same instructions as a bodyweight squat.

Back squats put the weight on neck muscles called traps. These are muscles on the side of your neck and help you lift heavy loads easily.

  • The goblet squat – In a goblet squat, you perfect your form with a kettlebell, a medicine ball or a dumbbell. The right way to do the goblet squat is to hold the weight at the center of your chest (at your sternum).

Bend your knees slightly and drop down into a squat. Stand up again but don’t let your butt reach back like in a bodyweight squat. Drop your elbows between your legs, right inside your knees to achieve better range of motion.

The benefits of goblet squats are aplenty for both seasoned lifters and beginners. It keeps you from leaning forward and ruining your form. By holding the weight at your chest, you find stability for your body.

  • The front squat – The front squat also includes a workout plan with a barbell. Here you need to keep the barbell just above your clavicles, on your neck and fingertips. The bar then rests on your shoulders.

Your elbows should be up and pointed outwards. Keep your triceps parallel to the ground. Do not reach back with your back as it would make it difficult to hold the weight.

Additionally, front squats can also be done with dumbbells.

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