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How to Wipe Photo Metadata to Delete Confidential Files Completely?

When you snap a photo, most digital devices record some metadata (called EXIF data) about it. Based on the device, information may include GPS coordinates, date/time, device model/manufacturer, and image capture options. As is, spy agencies have complete access to the data, generating confidentiality difficulties for the user and subjects. That’s why users must wipe photo metadata.

Fortunately, wiping photo metadata before publishing them is simple. Wipe any sensitive personal data from images saved on an unprotected cloud service or the equipment directly.

Users can even possibly adjust their device’s settings to store restricted metadata by defaults.

So, in this article, we will show you the whole process that how to wipe photo metadata completely, by using one of the best and easiest techniques. So don’t skip any part, continue reading to know the complete information. izmir escort bayan

But wait before we will explain to you about the techniques, you must know that What exactly is EXIF metadata, and what are the hazards associated with it?

What Exactly is EXIF Metadata, and what are the Hazards Associated with It?

Almost all digital photographs have metadata. This information is kept in EXIF type (Exchangeable Image File Format). The attributes connected with a picture will vary depending on the equipment used to collect it and any software used to modify it. Among the data you can likely to see are:

  1. GPS data are used to provide geographic information.
  2. The date and time when the photograph was captured.
  3. Specifications for the item, including its model and maker.
  4. Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO speed are examples of settings.
  5. The names and versions of the editing tools that were utilized.

While most of this data is safe, some pose a privacy concern. For instance, if you routinely post photographs to social media, snoopers may be able to trace your location on a given day or time.

Technique to Wipe Image Metadata

In today’s digital age, many people want to preserve their security by wiping picture metadata. To wipe photo metadata like EXIF and IPTC, users may utilize Image Metadata Remover software.

Yes, BitRecover Image Metadata Remover is one of the best and most preferred software to wipe photo metadata. That it can eliminate EXIF oriented tags from batch photographs such as Camera Brand, Camera Model, GPS Location, and F-stop is one of its best features.

Let’s go to know more about this software

Abridgment of the Features

  1. Wipe Image Metadata Eraser Software removes EXIF and IPTC data from images in seconds.
  2. With this photo metadata removal tool, you can remove all metadata from a photo file like the make and model, aperture and exposure time, lens ID and focal length, flash and max apertures value.
  3. This wipe picture metadata removal program allows users to eliminate metadata from multiple photographs at once, saving time. Use the tool without regard to file size.
  4. It can wipe metadata from JPG, BMP, TIFF, MP4, PDF, PSD, 3GP, EXV, JPF, F4P, MRW, XMP, NRW, PPM, VRD, JPM, etc.
  5. In addition, if users need to delete GPS metadata data from desirable images, movies, graphics, documents, and other media, users may utilize this tool to wipe GPS metadata from themselves. izmir bayan escort

To know more about this software, visit the given link… As long as we see how this software works…

How does Wipe Picture Metadata Eraser Works?

  1. Free Download and install the software from the download button.
  2. Now select the file and folder and drag and drop it into the software interface.
  3. And the process will be beginning, wait for a while.
  4. After the process is complete, you will get a confirmation message.

And your wipe photo metadata procedure is complete…

I know many users are here for the manual method but don’t worry if you want manual methods, then is also manual methods are available….

This is the only manual method to wipe photo metadata, if you see any other techniques on the internet, then firstly verify those techniques and after the verification utilize them.

Manual Methods to Wipe Image Metadata

Important Note: If you believe that by using these manual methods, you would be able to completely wipe photo metadata, you are mistaken. These approaches will only delete a few pieces of information such as the location and GPS address. However, much of the data is still in the form of metadata.

Sure, it would be easier if we didn’t have to wipe metadata. In case you’re worried about location data, all Android and iOS allow you to disable it.

Wipe Image Metadata from iOS without Location Data

  1. Open settings>>privacy>>location services.
  2. Click on the camera option and choose never.

Wipe Picture Metadata from Android without Location Data

  1. Open settings >>apps>>camera>>permission.
  2. Then, place a checkmark in the Location field to indicate that it is not active (grey).

As you can see both techniques are good to wipe photo metadata, but they have their profits and benefits, manual methods are easy but they have no guaranty that they will wipe complete picture metadata. So don’t waste your time with manual techniques. Use the software and remove metadata from the image and protect yourself.

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