iPhone Repair: Things to Do Before Taking Your iPhone to the Repair Centre

Data security is critical regardless of the device. Our mobile phones store a lot of sensitive information, therefore if they have any problems, they should be taken to a competent service centre. iPhones are known for their terrific design and functionality. 

People also buy iPhones due to the attentive and quick after-sales service. Screen blackouts, poor audio quality, poor battery life, non-functioning volume controls, inability to connect to Wi-Fi, overheating of the phone while charging are among the most typical iPhone issues.

iPhone users can solve all their phone issues by sending their phone to an iPhone repair centre.

Things to Do Before Taking Your iPhone to the Mobile Repair Centre

Before you hand up your phone to the service centre, there are a few things you should do.

  • Create a Backup of your Data.

This is a “must-do” for all mobile phones, whether they’re iPhones or other brand mobile phones. Make a backup of your data before handing it over your iPhone to the iPhone repair centre. 

Some iPhone faults necessitate the formatting of all data, which can result in data loss. Before you go to an iPhone services centre, save your data/information to iCloud.

  • Unpair all Devices and Remove all Your Passwords

Before taking your iPhone to the repair centre, you must disconnect it from all other devices. If your iPhone is paired with an iWatch, for example, it must be unpaired.

Your phone will have to be unlocked since the experts will need to turn it off and on multiple times during the repair. In such instances, the phone should be free of passwords. 

For example, if your iPhone is protected by a PIN, fingerprint authentication, or pattern lock, you must disable it. This will enable the technicians who are repairing your iPhone to check the status after the problem has been resolved. You can disable the security locks through the device’s settings.

  • Remove External Storage

If your iPhone has a micro-sd card slot, and if you have a card in it, in addition to the SIM card, then you must remove it along with the SIM card, and keep it with you safely. It is because the micro-sd card will hold a majority of your media files, so you must keep it safe. 

If your iPhone has an external storage/memory card, it is always a good idea to remove it. You may have sensitive data stored in your external storage, and if the memory card is inadvertently misplaced or damaged, you would lose all the data.

  • Make a Note of Your IMEI Number

It is a better idea to note down your IMEI number to reduce the possibility of losing your iPhone. Every iPhone has an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), which is a distinct 15-digit serial number. 

Therefore, if your iPhone is accidentally hand over to someone else who has the same model and colour as yours and you are given his/her phone instead, you can use your IMEI number to identify your iPhone. 

It shortens the time it takes for you to get your phone back. If you cannot find the IMEI number, dial *#06# on the dial pad and the IMEI number will appear on the screen.

Go to Reputed iPhone Services Centre

After you’ve done everything you can to prevent your data from being lost or stolen, including removing your SIM card and external storage and taking all other safeguards, you’re ready to hand your phone over to a professional for repair. 

Next, you must entrust your iPhone to a trustworthy technician A qualified technician will be completely aware of the safety regulations. And will know how to deal with potentially hazardous situations. 

Giving your phone to somebody who lacks the necessary skills/expertise, on the other hand, puts your iPhone at risk.

Inquire about the Warranty

It is highly common for any technology-driven device to develop a flaw in its operation at some point. Hence, getting a warranty from a mobile repair company is not entirely a bad idea. 

It will be very useful if you need to return your device owing to other concerns that may be discovers later. If you think about it carefully, you won’t need to spend any more money on it.

The Bottom Line

Our lives revolve around our become mobile phones, and we are overly fussy about them. Mobile phones, today, are an integral part of our daily life. However, there is a risk that your iPhone will be damage or suffer from internal hardware failure if something unfortunate happens to it. 

To get your iPhone back up and running, you will need to see a specialist or go to an authorised iPhone repair centre. But before handing the iPhone to the technician there are a few things as listed above you should consider. Also, double-check that you are following the steps correctly to avoid any complications.


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