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Jewelry Photo Retouching Service

Professional & experienced jewelry photo editing service makes the photo of jewelry appealing and attractive – and that’s what your customers want. Earrings, necklaces, rings, other jewelry as well as precious gemstones will shine and sparkle after jewellery photo retouching using photoshop manually.

Our jewelry photo editing service make your editing easy and smooth

Generally, jewelry design is subtle and specific. Hence, jewelry photography is difficult as well as tricky to present real time visualization unless someone wears those jewelry. Due to the online target audience can’t touch and feel the jewelry. So, your clients like to see perfect and flawless images with nothing to distract the eye from the jewelry.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path is not only an important part but also a base service of photo editing. You can use it to remove unwanted objects from your pictures. As per your product’s demand, you can clip a single object or multiple objects from your pictures or unwanted background.

This is a raw image. Firstly, we have to clip this necklace with pen tools and indicate it by the green color. Clipping Path Asia has been doing it 100% manually by using adobe photoshop before removing the background.

Jewelry Clipping Path services applied:

  • Open the image with photoshop
  • Create the path pettle
  • Active path / Clipping path
  • Drawing manual path by pen tool in photoshop
  • Saving as JPG or PSD format as client prefers
best clipping path service

Background Removal Service

The background on jewelry images should be natural and not to divert attention from the main objects. We can replace the primary background with a more suitable option.

We need to apply the clipping path before removing unwanted background or object. Then we set up any color or images as a background for your jewelry products.

Jewelry Background Removal services applied:

  • Making manual path by pen tool in photoshop
  • Deselecting the main object
  • Isolate the object from background with a new layer
  • New transparent background  or background remove
  • Replace or change the background by create a color fill
  • Saving as PNG, JPG, TIFF or PSD format as client prefers
best background removal service


Creating Shadow (Drop Shadow and Mirror effect)

According to your desire you can use the mirror or drop shadow. But the question can be, why is shadow necessary? If you want to add dimension or depth to jewelry images then you need to use mirror effect or drop shadow.

We use photoshop and Lightroom tools to produce shadows to jewelry images without overediting. Shadow is too complicated. Therefore, if you don’t use expert photo editors then the possibility is high to make the blunder.

Jewelry product shadow creating services applied:

  • Making manual path by pen tool in photoshop
  • Adding new and realistic reflection
  • Changing background color to white, transparent or any other colors
  • Saving as PNG, JPG, TIFF or PSD format as client prefers
shadow creation by adobe photoshop

Basic Retouch Service

Removing the background can’t guarantee that a piece of jewelry will look elegant and smooth on a photograph. Dust, poor reflection and scratches could still be visible and detract its appeal whether in print or on screen. Our jewelry photo editing service can utter this problem.

Jewelry retouching services applied:

  • Clipping path & background removal
  • Shadows, dust and poor reflection removal
  • Sparkling
  • Color correction
  • Adding natural shadows
best photo retouching service



High-End Jewelry Photo Editing Service

Sometimes you will not discover everything when you are in a photoshoot. After the photoshoot when you will see or analyze the photo then new ideas may also come. That time we will provide you high-end photo retouching services.

Jewelry high-end retouching services applied:

  • Isolate the object from background with a new layer
  • Increasing glossiness & color correction
  • Gems editing
  • Adding brightness to gemstones and metal parts

High end jewelry photo editing service

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