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Tips for Creating a Unique Logo

Derived from the ancient Greek word “logos,” meaning word or imprint, the logo is a graphic representation of a corporate name in the form of stylized letters or ideograms that symbolize a product or service. It is often a trademark that must meet registration requirements for legal protection.

The logo serves as the most important aspect of a company’s image and directly positions it within the industry. A small icon or image can give customers an idea about the company as a whole, making it a fundamental aspect of marketing policy.

For those seeking to create a logo, Turbologo provides professional design services. In general, logo creation involves symbolizing and embodying a company’s policy and essence. It should be simple, harmonious, and able to plant a positive association with the product or service in the consumer’s mind.

Here are some basic steps on creating a unique logo:

  1. Study the Company and Competitive Environment: Begin by analyzing the company name, location, products or services, and competition. This investigative phase develops a unique graphic sign that is different from competitors.
  2. Sketching: Develop multiple options on paper until ideas are exhausted to help find the best solution.
  3. Choose a Graphic Editor: Select a graphics program comfortable to work with to transfer the sketch version to a digital format and continue work on the logo.
  4. Select Corporate Colors and Fonts: Colors play an aesthetic and psychological role in the logo, attracting or repelling people. The font should be in harmony with the corporate colors and identify the company’s essence.
  5. Work on Design Concept and Creative Idea: Through a compositional search, apply the laws of composition and means of artistic expression to create a sign using modern computer technology to enhance the process.

Only some adjustments should be made in case of a rebranding effort. A successful logo can put the company in the lead among competition, making it a vital aspect of the organization’s success and prestige. Therefore, every reputable company must order a logo.



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