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Optimizing Work-Life Balance with Home Daily Truck Driving Jobs

Truck driving is an exciting experience for those who love to be on roads and diligently handle their job responsibilities. Such drivers can take control of a large vehicle and facilitate the movement of consignments from one point to another.

However, the major downside of this profession, especially for a family person is the encumbrance of staying away from home. They may have to eat food from unhygienic highway restaurants and sleep in their truck parked on roadside. Fortunately, with CDL driver home daily jobs, it is possible to avoid such unpleasant instances.


Truck driving without overexertion

Stress –whether it is from a desk job or one that demands more of physical efforts – is certainly not good for health. Everyone wants to earn well for their personal and family needs. At the same time, they cannot afford to neglect their health in the process. When a job begins to affect them physically, mentally or emotionally, it is worthwhile to switch over to the next best alternative.

Experienced truck drivers with a valid license for commercial driving learn a lot in their long-haul jobs. However, as they age and want to spend more time with family and friends while still earning actively, they have the option to switch over to FedEx ground CDL jobs that allow them to drive in a smaller circle and return home daily.

The retail sector has expanded enormously over the past decade. A significant portion of stocks from retailers are now purchased online and to fulfill such demands, logistics companies such as FedEx partner with reliable transportation service providers. The transportation firms in turn need responsible drivers to move goods between different business hubs.

By choosing local FedEx truck driving jobs, experienced truckers can facilitate stock pickups and deliveries – that are typically within a radius of 300 miles – and return home at night to join the family for supper. They can sleep in their own room before returning to work the next day. Such routines give them adequate rest and the comfort factor of being with their loved ones.  

What’s more, renowned transportation companies offer 5-day work week to their full-time truck drivers. They get two weekly offs to spend more time at home. And every year they also get paid vacations.


Is there any compromise on earnings?

Some long-haul truck drivers fear that if they leave their jobs, they may be able to get a better work-life balance but will also earn poorly. This is a myth that needs to be busted.

When experienced truck drivers with valid license and compliant driving records get selected for local home every night CDL jobs, their rewards are as exciting as their work. The minimum weekly pay that a driver can expect with a 5-day work week is $1500. This only goes upward for more experienced candidates. Their loyal association with their employer also gives drivers annual increments.

Besides, there are medical benefits that also cover dental and eye treatments. All CDL drivers in a home daily trucking job get 401 (k) retirement benefits. When they successfully refer a friend for open vacancies, they get a special bonus.

Another advantage that makes these jobs worthwhile is that there is work all year round. The demand for drivers is high and their availability in the market is severely limited. Transportation companies therefore are ready to pay high amounts and cannot afford to lay off their employees, especially the truck drivers. Therefore, the job security that any worker expects while applying for a new job is assured.


What are the day to day job responsibilities for home daily truck drivers?

Truck drivers working for established transportation enterprises in Pennsylvania and New Jersey commonly facilitate deliveries for FedEx clients and other logistics companies. They may also be employed to transport stocks between hubs for e-commerce stores and traditional retail chains.

A normal work day in the life of such drivers involves job duties such as:

  • Conducting pre-trip inspection of the vehicle and other safety checks
  • Hooking and unhooking trailers and converter dollies methodically to/from tractors and/or trailers
  • Following dispatch instructions provided by the backend teams and keeping all stakeholders in the supply chain informed on the dispatch status of transported stocks
  • Complying with federal and state road transportation laws as also the company policies and code of conduct


Applying for a CDL home daily job in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Transportation companies provide multiple avenues to the drivers who wish to apply for a FedEx CDL jobs or class A trucking jobs facilitating stock movement for major retail firms.

The eligible candidates for such profiles can look for vacancies on trusted job portals or send their applications directly by email to the organization they wish to work for. In drafting such emails, they should take particular care to mention their previous experience and must include the references they may have from clients they served.

In PA and NJ, drivers can also meet a company’s HR team after fixing an appointment over the phone. The selection process is quick and transparent. Experienced drivers can easily negotiate for payouts of more than $1500 per week.



The job of truck drivers becomes lot more interesting and rewarding when it entails a balanced blend of work and relaxation. This is exactly what comes from local driving jobs. Such vocations are comparable to desk jobs where executives return home daily after dealing with paperwork, attending meetings and typing on their keyboards for 10 – 11 hours in their offices. The BIG DIFFERENCE however is that the truckers can be on roads, enjoying sceneries and nice music as they drive along. They need not be cooped in a cubicle and strain their eyes gazing into a computer screen.

If you are an experienced driver and seek a job that allows you to spend more time with your family while also earning the money to give them (and yourself) a comfortable life, apply for a CDL job today. The process is easier than you think and the returns are higher than you may have imagined.


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