Staff Bag Vs Cart bag

Golf bags are a necessary part of a golfer’s life. Choosing the perfect golf bag always matters whether you play a lot or have a weekend schedule. Playing equipment, ground conditions and strategic scenarios plays a vital role in golf. Choosing the right bag for the occasion is always important to perform well.

Understanding the Difference

As a golfer, you will surely come across major types of bags that are golf staff bags and golf cart bags. Which bag to choose is the major decision that depends on the golfer. Firstly, we have to know the basic difference between the two bags before selecting any one of them. Starting with the staff bags it is the most premium and luxury line of golf bags. Professional golfers and PGA players choose them for playing golf.

Golf Staff bags Vs Golf Cart Bags: Convenience and Practicality

Staff bags are spacious bags with a large storage capacity. Players have to carry the bags on the golf course while playing. If you have a caddie, then it will be alot easier to transport these luxurious golf bags.

As a pro athlete, it is essential that the bag has all the features required during a tournament or long golf matches. The staff bags are large and have multiple compartments like cooler pockets, apparel pockets, dedicated golf ball compartments, and much more. On the other hand, golf cart bags are not as big as the golf staff bags. It is easy to transport them on a cart or carry them using the shoulder carry strap. The cart bags are also lightweight.

Uses of Golf Bags

Golf cart bags are used by athletes who don’t want to carry their bags and have a cart for their convenience. It also depends on the needs of the golfer. If you don’t require a large bag for a few days, you will surely pick smaller ones that can carry enough clubs for a game. If you are a newbie and want to purchase a staff bag, that will not be a wise decision for you. Staff bags are large and heavy, with multiple compartments you may not require for your initial playing days. A golf cart bag will serve this purpose.

Golf cart bags have full-length club dividers. You can easily carry eight to ten clubs and a putter well. Separate pockets are present for water bottles, golf balls, and towels. Velcro glove attachment is also present in them. Overall, a golf cart bag has all the features required for a golfer. The golf staff bags are a symbol of dedication to the game. Increased functionality and practical experience is necessary in choosing these bags. Multiple clubs can be carried easily. Cooler pockets, extra cloth compartment, towel pockets, rain hood covers and a dedicated umbrella pocket is provided in these golf bags.

Choosing the Right One

Some players are not fully aware about different types of the golf bags. A golf staff bag cannot be used in place of a cart bag. As it is large and spacious, it will not fit on the golf cart. There will always be a risk of the bag falling on the ground. So, it is essential to select the best suitable golf bags.

Golf staff bags are made of premium quality material. High quality leather or polymer material is used to make the bags tear-resistant and water-resistant. Golf cart bags are also waterproof and sturdy but they are not as premium as the golf staff bags. There is a reason for separating these two bags and that is the desire to play. Every golfer wants the best bag for playing golf. It depends on the athlete’s time, practicality, need, and dedication that lets him choose the best suitable golf bag.


In the end, I would say it all depends on the athlete’s choice. If you want a bag that you will use for weekend games or occasional playing days, golf cart bags are perfect for you. And if you want large bags and play tournaments, then golf staff bags serve the right purpose. It also depends on the choice of the golfer what he likes during the game. We should consider functionality, accessibility, storage needs, and capacity of the golf bags before selecting the best suitable bags

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