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When aesthetics meet acoustics by Designmocha Freelance Design Marketplace

Designmocha freelance design marketplace provides services to its freelance designers and businesses who are looking for a meaningful collaboration. Here is an article for our readers and on the aesthetics and acoustic designs.

Swedish Design Studio, Kauppi & Kauppi, has designed a new collection of large- scale, open, and muted meeting room capsules and belvederes that favor acoustics for the spring launch by Glimakra of Sweden in May 2021. These capsules, named the “ Buildup Series ”, are impeccably placed between armature and cabinetwork. Heavily told by the serenity of timbers, crucial features of the design are openness, availability, and functionality.
In the words of head contrivers at Kauppi & Kauppi, Nina Kauppi, and Johan Kauppi, they gather their alleviations from ‘ a timber lawn, a calm space embraced by trees, where you’re happy to stay awhile — a muted peaceful place, which is noway fully quiet ’. They envisaged recreating this experience by designing drinking and comfortable apartments yet maintaining the balance between ending in and rejection. These apartments offer focus but not inescapably total quietness. Keeping in with the mood of a timber, the innards are designed to feel natural to partake with others.

“ Our ambition was to design a spatial experience to long for. The capsules are friendly and cozy characters, also performing as architectural cabinetwork. At the same time, several specialized results and features have been integrated into the design, to make the apartments functional and creative. Our design reflects the long tradition and great knowledge of wood product, cloth upholstering and aural results that characterize Glimakra of Sweden ” – Kauppi & Kauppi


Structure onto the idea of availability and inclusiveness, following a Scandinavian design tradition., the capsules have generous entrances without thresholds. The apartments have one or two entrances closed by sound- absorbing curtains that are moreover automatically motorized or can be controlled manually.

To save a connection with the surroundings, daylight, or lighting from the larger innards, is filtered into the capsules through the rustic roof rafters. also, comfortable introductory lighting is added on the short sides of the capsules with light-free LED lights. Through the gaps between the rafts from the external ceiling or by suspending from the ceiling rafts, reciprocal lighting above the table can be installed.

The muted meeting apartments serve as an effective aural result for the lesser innards girding the capsules due to the fabric- covered walls that have good sound immersion on both inwards and outsides. The walls ’ acoustics reduce the resonance of sounds from the surroundings, rather than achieving fully silent settings.

Spatial experience has been valued as largely as aural rates. All units have a tone- supporting construction. Hence, no bottom, wall, or ceiling attachments are necessary. malleable bases are also included to compensate for uneven bottoms. The capsules and belvederes are easy to make, install, and move to a new position if demanded. The cover roofs are each open shafts, to give access to the structure’s sprinkler system over the capsules and belvederes. Designmocha freelance design marketplace


For enabling dynamic and creative meetings, the generalities capsules and kiosk are equipped with

  • Whiteboard
  • Flexible Examiner type
  • LED light- strips
  • AV input
  • Power outlets
  • Hidden Cable Routing
  • Wall parts with a essence socket
  • Twisted glamorous jotting board that follows the shape of the room


  • The launch of this collection presents 3 capsules of different sizes, along with an open kiosk.
  • 10 sqm round room Meetings of 4- 6 people
  • 17m sqm round room Group meetings of 8- 10 people
  • 20 sqm round room Conference meetings of 12- 14 people

The intention is to enable dynamic and creative meetings while reducing the noise of the surroundings. The spaces are quiet as they are well-insulated and acoustically tuned. The curtains on the entrances filter daylight and reduce echoes, to enhance the aural experience. The minimalism of the decoration leaves maximum space for meeting and exchange, while still contributing to the spatial experience.

The capsules and kiosks can be moved around, both easily and silently. The open kiosk is a versatile spatial result that is well suited to informal gatherings, and small groups and teams. The uncluttered shape is quiet to move and set up, and is a flexible alternative to an enclosed conference area while offering a similar space for meeting. the whiteboard is a flexible and accessible platform for exchanging information, ideas, and content.
The space that divides the open kiosk is well suited for informal touch-down meetings or small gatherings.
Overall, the conception is modest and minimalistic, making these capsules well suited as natural space definers and separations in large innards similar as office geographies.

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