Top 10 iPhone Features That You Should Know

The market of electronic gadgets is led by Apple these days. Their innovative techniques, attractive user interface, and enhanced quality are the key aspects of getting huge success.

Apple iPhones are the largest position holder in the smartphone market. Not a single country is left to have a considerable amount of iPhone stores. For example, iPhone stores in Kolkata are always crammed with tech lovers to get their favourite iPhone models. This is because of the attractive and unique features of the models.

However, not everyone can not find every feature. Therefore, you can take our guide to explore the features.

Top 10 iPhone Features

Top 10

Following are the top 10 iPhone features that you might not have explored earlier. They are,

1)  Text Scanning from Photos

The feature is useful to get the necessary information you store in your camera roll in the form of screenshots or images. You can simply select the portion of the image and copy the text part from it.

2)  Focus Mode

This feature can be helpful in your daily life activity. Sometimes, you might get distracted by all the continuous notifications. Therefore, you can create a customized home with your required applications during the time you want to focus on something. You can create fitness, work, or driving mode with this feature.

3)  Legacy Contact

Most of the users don’t know about the feature and its importance. However, this is a unique feature that will let you set contacts who can inherit your data after your death. You can share the access key to your phone with your legacy contact and they can easily enter your phone when required.

4) Sleep Timer

It often happens that you sleep while listening to songs. Well, that is sometimes the purpose, however, switching off the song is also important. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary battery drainage. However, if you enable a sleep timer from the clock by choosing the stop playing song option you can avoid this problem.

5) Schedule Notifications

Every notification you get is not always necessary for you. Therefore, the iPhone allows you to schedule your notifications, that’s how only the important one pops out while you are working.

6)  Sending Effects with iMessage

This is another amazing feature that iPhone users might not know about. The feature allows you to send effects with your iMessage. You can type any message and hold the send button for a fraction of a second. It will show up the effects that you will be able to choose easily.

7)  Restrict Unknown Callers

You can easily restrict the unknown callers by doing the following setting.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on the Silence Unknown Callers option

8)  Move the Cursor Freely

You can move the cursor easily to anywhere on your typed portion. For this, you need to hold the cursor for some moments. The words will disappear and with your downward movement, the cursor goes to the position you want to take it.

9)  Add Back Tap Shortcuts

By tapping the back button on the iPhone 2 or 3 times you can directly go to any application. For this, you need to go to settings and then tap on the accessibility option. Then choose the options touch and look for the back tap option. Your back tap setup will be done.

10)  Search Everywhere

iPhones have a setting that can allow you to search everywhere on your phone. You can easily find your photos, apps, message matches, music matches, etc from your phone.

Apart from these features, there are several other features that you should be aware of. These are:

  • Decreasing background sound on facetime
  • For undo and redo just tap with three fingers
  • Grouping tabs
  • Swiping away numbers on a calculator
  • Organizing notes by using hashtags
  • Getting real-time weather alert
  • Getting safe browsing from ‘iCloud’
  • Different doesn’t size for different applications

It’s all about exploring and finding features from your favourite iPhone models. However, for novices, it might be difficult sometimes to find all these features.

Therefore, through this guide now as you know some of the most uncommon features of the iPhone, you can easily get access to them. Hence, considering these features it can be understood why there is a universal appeal to the iPhone models. As a user, you should try each feature to satisfy your every technical craving regarding iPhone.

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