Ultimate Guide on Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry is a tool to help brands ensure the same and exact shopping experience for those who visit their website.

You can detect suspicious activity or violations by searching for content with keywords, ASINs, and even images. If you spot an infraction, you may immediately report it to Amazon. 

At Amazon’s end, they may use the information they collect about your brand to help defend it against inaccurate content and potential violation.

Amazon Brand Registry should have an important role in your branding strategy on Amazon. It allows you to secure your private label business, which makes your company more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers. 

The development of a more positive image will help you gain the confidence of Amazon customers, giving you an advantage over competitors which does not have such security measures.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits

More than 350,000 brands are a part of this program. up to now, those companies have filed 99% fewer suspected violations than before the program was created.

Here’s a brief overview of the most important Amazon Brand Registry benefits:

1. More Accurate Representation of the Brand

Utilizing Amazon Brand Registry, you have more control over your brand name and the content connected to it. Brands who participate in this program can ensure that what customers are seeing accurately represents their brand.

Look at the ways in which Craft the performance sportswear company, is more precisely depicted in the Brand Registry.

2. Strong Report and Search Tools

The program will make it simpler to spot possible violations. Brands can browse the content of several different Amazon stores on one screen. Customers can search using their logos or images or conduct a large ASIN search to find any possible infringements, and analyze popularity by sorting average ratings of customers.

The best part is that Amazon’s brand protection staff is worldwide and available 24/7. If you have an urgent problem on the weekend or during the holiday season, for example, an unauthorized reseller selling your product too low, they’ll be able to help you in minimizing the harm and prevent the reseller in question from trying to do it again.

3. Enhanced Features to Help Your Brand

With the help of Amazon Brand Registry is a way to gain access to various tools, including A+ Content (formerly enhanced brand content) and storefronts for brands, sponsorship ads for brands, and the dashboard for brands. This can result in higher conversion rates as well as a better return on investment (RoAS).

To know more about amazon a+ content requirements read SellerApp’s amazon a+ content blog.

4. More Brand Protection Tools

Amazon will actually review the details you provide about your company and apply additional safeguards to remove and find false listings. The more details you can provide them, the more effectively they can help safeguard your brand.

They will be looking for issues that could be a violation of trademarked logos, terms, or logos, as well as listings that are created under your brand’s name but aren’t actually associated with the brand. They will also search for sellers who deliver your brand’s goods from countries you don’t manufacture or distribute products in.

  • Transparency: This program stops counterfeit items by identifying them, and stopping sales and shipment. This increases your brand’s transparency to consumers, increases confidence with your customers, and allows for more precise reviews.
  • Amazon Project Zero: Project Zero offers automated protection capabilities and is an automated tool to remove counterfeit items. The tool can also scan a product’s unique codes to block counterfeits.
  • IP Accelerator: This program assists brands at the beginning phases of their product’s lifecycles to obtain IP protection faster. 
  1. Improved Brand Value

Imagine this 40% of consumers who purchase fake products have a direct complaint to the manufacturer in the findings of a market research study. While the brand may not offer them the fake product, however, the fact that counterfeiters are in the market can turn potential customers away.

Brand Registry helps put an end to this issue. 

In the end, you create trust with your customers by making sure that they will only encounter genuine, high-quality goods. In time, your company will reap the rewards of being able to count on more satisfied customers.

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