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Virtual Movie Night: Where to Host an OTT Party


Want to binge-watch Netflix with your bestie virtually? OTT PARTY streaming service allows you to watch together remotely on Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, HBO Max and Hulu.

During pandemic-related lockdowns, video streaming has been a tremendous source of entertainment. While states and localities are loosening regulations, allowing individuals to resume backyard movie nights and in-person theatre outings, you may not be ready to be around a large group of people just yet, or your loved ones may be scattered across the globe. This is where online watch parties come in handy.

There are easier ways to watch together than getting everyone on Zoom and pressing play at the same time. Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Disney+, Hulu and HBO Max can be streamed together using many browser addons i.e an extension called OTT PARTY. OTT PARTY streaming service provideS built-in watch-party functionality. While each service and extension is unique, in order to participate, each viewer will require access to their own subscription. Here’s how to get your remote viewing party ready.



OTT PARTY is a free user-friendly extension where you can stream your fav shows, movies & watch in sync with your friends living far away. Just install the OTT PARTY extension, create a watch party, & you can stream & enjoy online with your loved ones while using the group chat feature. Stream from Netflix, Hulu, Hotstar, HBO Max, Prime video & Disney+.

  1. Install the OTT party extension.
  2. Add the extension to your toolbar.
  3. Sign in to your preferred streaming website like Netflix, Hotstar, HBO etc.
  4. Search for the TV show or movie that you want to watch and play it.
  5. Create an OTT Party by adding everyone you want.
  6. Host and control the watch party.
  7. Or Join an OTT Party hosted by someone else.
  8. Enjoy the video with your loved ones & use the group chat feature too.


Do you recall the Netflix Party? It basically lets you watch all the netflix shows and movies with your pals around the world in sync for free. You must first install the official browser extension (Chrome and Edge) i.e OTT PARTY and have a streaming subscription before you can start or join a watch party. The service can handle up to 100 simultaneous viewers.

After you’ve installed the extension, pin it to your toolbar for quick access and control. Open your browser and go to a streaming provider to find the show or movie you want to watch. Start watching the movie, then open a small window by clicking the red OP icon on your toolbar. To generate a shared code that you can email to your guests, click Start Party. They’ll be able to join the party you’ve organised and communicate with you using the extension’s text chat function. So, host or join a seamless Netflix party now.



HBO MAX Watch Party function grows huge, allowing up to 100 people to watch a TV or movie at the same time via OTT PARTY. Every viewer will need a HBO Max subscription or the ability to rent or buy the movie or episode in order to watch it. To begin, choose a TV or movie, then click the OTT PARTY Watch Party icon, which looks like this – OP. From here, select Create Watch Party and give yourself a name in the conversation. The film will play normally, but there will be an additional Watch Party menu featuring a Chat option for texting other viewers and a Settings tab. Copy the shareable link from the Settings tab and share it with your friends you want in the watch party. Just remember to install the OTT PARTY extension and you’re good to go.

All you need to join a Watch Party is the shareable link. Only the host has authority over video playback, but anyone can share the watching session’s link. The host can also end the viewing party by going to Settings and choosing End Watch Party. Therefore, you can create or join a seamless hbo max watch party from now on.



The Hotstar Party feature expands, allowing up to 100 people to watch TV or movies at the same time through OTT PARTY. To watch the movie or episode, viewers will need a Hotstar subscription or the ability to rent or buy it. To begin, select a television show or film, then click the OTT PARTY Watch Party icon, which looks like this – OP. Choose Create Watch Party from the drop-down menu and give yourself a name in the conversation. The movie will play normally, but there will be a separate Watch Party menu with a Chat feature for texting other viewers and a Settings tab. Copy the shareable link from the Settings tab and send it to the people you want to come to the watch party with you. All you have to do now is remember to install the OTT PARTY plugin.

To join a Watch Party, all you need is the shareable link. The only person who can control video playback is the host, however anyone can share the link to the watching session. The viewing party can also be ended by heading to Settings and selecting End Watch Party. As a result, you can now create or join a seamless Hotstar party.



Hulu watch party allows up to 100 individuals to watch selected series or movies together on the web via OTT PARTY. You can start a viewing party by going to the Details page of a show or movie and clicking the OTT Watch Party icon. You may also start a Hulu Watch Party for TV shows by going to an individual episode, clicking the three-dot menu, and selecting Start a Watch Party.

To access the invite page, click the Start the Party button. To invite other viewers, copy the session’s shareable URL from here. It’s worth noting that if someone has an ad-supported Hulu account, the synchronised video will pause whenever an ad appears. Click Start Party when you’re ready to get started.

While the TV or movie is playing, you can talk and sense emoji. Hulu watch party syncs your your video even while pausing, skipping and everything. Just remember, that you will always need an OTT PARTY extension installed in your system for creating Hulu watch party.



The Disney Plus Watch Party feature is available on the web. Also, there is real time chat functionality with OTT PARTY. However, during the showing, viewers can also send emoji (known as Reactions). Up to 100 people can attend the session via OTT PARTY, with up to four of them coming from the same subscription. To create Disney Plus Watch Party for that media, simply select a show or movie to watch, then select the OTT PARTY icon OP. To invite others, click the + icon to generate a sharing link. When others join the Disney Plus Watch Party by clicking the link, their profile icons will appear on this page.

To begin watching, select Start Stream. The profile symbol will show everyone who is in attendance. To send a Reaction to the group, select the emoji face. Each user’s audio and subtitle options can be customized. Everyone will have the ability to pause, fast forward, or rewind the video unless the host enables the “ONLY I HAVE CONTROL” button.

Don’t forget to install the OTT PARTY extension which lets you create or join a seamless disney plus watch party.


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