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What Are the Seven Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

The male body can not produce an erection for a variety of reasons at any age however if it occurs more than 50% of the time when you’re trying to get one, you might have one or more risks for erectile malfunction and could have it. While it can be embarrassing and humiliating it could be a sign of many more serious conditions that include diabetes, heart disease as well as high blood pressure among others.

The following are the seven most common reasons for erectile dysfunction. They also outline the best way to deal with these causes.


To have an effective erection nerves, blood vessels, an ideal libido and adequate amounts testosterone levels are essential.

Diabetes may cause issues with the blood vessels and nerves which help in the process of erecting. Even if you have regular sexual desire and normal hormone levels when you suffer from diabetes, you may not have an effective erection.

Interactions with drugs

Drugs, no matter how legal or prescribe, may affect the proper functioning of erectile arousal. You might be surprise to learn that if you take drugs that are intend to aid with erectile dysfunction, such as Vidalista 20 it is possible to create erectile dysfunction.

Additionally, other medications which can contribute to the erectile dysfunction include those prescribe to treat diabetes or high blood pressure or even medications prescribe to treat allergies during the winter months. Illicit drugs too can trigger erectile dysfunction which include cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

Alcohol can also create problems when it comes to having an erection, even though it may make you desire sexual sex in the way that Shakespeare state, It provokes the desire, but takes away the performance.”


If you suffer from hypertension, this may create problems for the penis’ arteries like it does with the arteries of other areas in your body. The arteries in the penis may not dilate properly, result in the inability to get an erection.

Smoking can also cause erectile dysfunction since it raises blood pressure and causes damage to blood vessels.

Stress and anxiety

While it isn’t necessarily an actual physical issue anxiety and anxiety over performance may result in not be able to get an erection. However specialists of the American Urological Association say that up to 75 percent of cases of erectile dysfunction are more physical than psychological in the sense that they are psychological in.


If you’re obese or overweight and have a difficult time engaging in sexual activity due to a the lack of stamina or issues with your body image. Just losing 10 percent of your weight will greatly enhance your sexual experience.


Atherosclerosis, a condition of blood vessels and the heart and can lead to Erectile dysfunction. This is because plaque builds over time and cause a hardening of the artery walls all over the body including the arteries of the penis. This prevents a proper circulation of blood to the penis which results in the failure to get an intimate erection.

There are a variety of aspects that could cause erectile dysfunction. If you are suffering from any of them you are able to take action to fix these issues and reduce the likelihood of you being prone to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

If you’re someone who is extremely devote to your sexuality and believes it is more attractive or desirable then you might find it very embarrassing to be afflict with problems with this particular area. But, advances in men’s health have meant that you do not must suffer from the condition unnotice.

The attention of the media has led to the public all over the world more aware of erectile disfunction If you have issues with this, be sure to speak to your partner about it as well as your physician as well.

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