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Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Mantra Meditation

Meditation has been around for eons. This ancient yogic technique has been helping millions around the world enjoy good physical and mental health. Meditation is not just about sitting in the cross-legged position with eyes closed, it is about disconnecting from the external world to focus on the internal.

Moreover, if you combine daily yoga practice with meditation, the results are phenomenal. Have you heard about the term mantra meditation? It is a powerful meditation technique to help you connect with the supreme consciousness. But there is a lot more this meditation technique does. Let us find out.

Mantra Meditation – A Brief Introduction

In the recent years, mantra meditation has gained quite a popularity owing to the widespread accesssibility of transcendental meditation. The entire base of Mantra meditation is to silently chant mantras and use the vibrations of the mantra to bring the mind to a calm state. For this, you can join the certified 200 hour yoga teacher training in India to learn this meditation technique under the guidance of experts.

There are different perspectives with regards to the correct pronunciation of words and phrases of mantras. Every mantra you recite contains different vibrations and you have to find the one that corresponds with your intentions.

For example, you can start with the mantra AUM which is a basic yet powerful mantra to chant. Whether you say it out loud or silently, this mantra creates positive vibrations in your lower abdomen. Moreover, you can combine this mantra with the word Shanti.

Keep in mind, both these words are for your well-being and bring your mind to a calm state.

Do you know that mantra meditation offers you some major benefits? Read below to know it all.

Benefits of Mantra Meditation

Given below are some of the major benefits of daily practice of mantra meditation;

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Declutters your mind for deep sleep
  • Improves physical performance
  • Helps you make better choices
  • Improves critical thinking ability
  • Helps you enter a deeper spiritual state

However, before you start with mantra meditation, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Tips to Maximize Benefits of Mantra Meditation

Given below are six easy-to-follow tips to help you make the most of a mantra meditation practice.

1. Choose a Mantra

The mantra you choose can be a word or phrase which you repeat to yourself during meditation. Meditation experts recommend that you start with Om Shanti Shanti mantra to help the mind enter a peaceful and calm state.

It gives your mind something to focus on rather than the useless mental clutter it is so used to. This helps you get away from distracting thoughts and focus on what matters. You should enroll in Yoga Alliance certification program to learn this meditation technique.

2. Find a Comfortable Place

Keep in mind, your ability to focus the mind on mantra works only if your body is in a comfortable position. For this, you can use cushions, blankets, pillows, or take support from a wall to sit upright during the meditation session. Remember, the more comfortable your body is, the easier it will be for the mind to focus on the session.

3. Stay Centred

With a few cleansing breaths through the nose, your mind is able to focus on the session. Make sure you breathe in and out normally through the nose to keep distractions away.

4. Repeat the Mantra

Make sure you repeat the mantra in a soft and gentle way. In other words, you should not force it as that does never works. Also, enrolling in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India will help you learn more about how you can master this meditation technique.

5. Do Not Try to Empty the Mind

There will be moments when your mind would drift away from the meditation session. Remember, it is the nature of your mind to wander off, so do not try to stop it. Simply observe the thought that crosses it and bring it back to the practice.

6. Completion

After a time of 20 to 30 minutes, you can stop reciting the mantra and remain seated with eyes closed. Spend a few minutes relaxing and just keep both the eyes closed. Enroll in the Yoga Alliance certification program to learn the secrets to successful mantra meditation.


Do you want to get rid of the unnecessary mental clutter? You should enroll in the 200 hour yoga teacher training in India to learn everything about the magical benefits of mantra meditation.

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