Top 10 Government Jobs in India After 12th & Graduation

In this article we present a list of the most coveted Top 10 Government Jobs in India After 12th & Graduation. These are the most commonly held government positions that are available following the 12th grade or after graduation.

Government jobs are among the most sought-after jobs available in India. There are many kinds of government jobs to choose from. Some of these positions are more popular than others. It’s true that there’s no shortage of employment opportunities in India especially for people with a degree in studies. The government has so many positions which allow one to easily be hired and start earning good money. If you are looking to start your mark in the government sector, then it’s essential to be aware of what the most lucrative government jobs are following 12th grade and the graduation.

This will aid you to select the ideal subject to study. In this article, we’ve identified the Top 10 Government Jobs in India After 12th & Graduation. We’ve given details on each job along with details about qualification requirements, qualifications for the job in addition to the job benefits and other details.

We also provide links to the official sites of these job openings. So, if you’d like to learn more about any of the jobs listed in this article, you can click the link below.

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Top 10 Government Jobs After 12th & Graduation in India

Indian Railway:

It is believed that the Indian Railways employs a large number of workers who are involved in various tasks that are related to operating trains. There are many open positions for railway workers. It is possible to apply for different positions advertised in railway job listings.

Central Excise:

Within the Central Excise department, there are numerous openings for you for those who want to be a part of this department as an employee. It is necessary to pass the graduation course in order to be chosen for the position as Central Excise Inspector.

Central Board of Direct Taxes:

As a tax official as a tax officer, you are in charge of filing taxes on income that is earned by the companies, government agencies and others. The job will require at least a B.Com (pass).

Ministry of Defense:

In the MoD there are many post openings such as Accounts Assistant Accounts Clerk General Administrative assistant etc. It is required to have a diploma of completion in computer or commerce.

Department of Telecom:

If you’re looking to be part of this industry of telecom, this is the industry you should be looking for. You have to graduate from a reputable university or other institution. There is a high demand for workers within this department. The requirements for education for this job differ based on the position you’re applying to.

Indian Air Force Jobs:

If you’d like to join the military and be a part of the national army and serve the nation, this is the right place for you. For the chance to join to join the Indian Air Force, you have to finish your education in any discipline, such as sciences, arts or commerce or engineering.

State Bank of India:

The state-owned banks of India have hired a large number of applicants each year. There are numerous openings in the banking sector for employees. The primary prerequisite for this job is that you graduate from any stream and the age requirements, which differ between positions.

BSNL Jobs:

BSNL is the biggest telecom provider in India. It is part of India’s government. India. Many applicants have applied for positions. If you’re looking forward to applying for BSNL positions and you are eligible, then you should have graduated from any discipline and meet the minimum age requirement.

IBPS Jobs:

IBPS offers a variety of recruitment tests for both experienced and new job applicants. Like the name implies, IBPS is the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection runs the IBPS test for the recruitment process. Candidates can look up specific information on the vacancies the age limit, education qualifications and the process for selection Click Sarkari Results.

Defense Food Corporation (DFC):

The DFC is component of the Ministry of Defense in India. The department provides food for the navy, army and air force as well as other forces of defense. If you wish to apply for DFC positions, then you have to be able to prove the graduation requirements in any stream, as well as meet the requirements for age.

In conclusion, if are looking to secure a lucrative job in the public sector, then you should be extremely cautious about what you are doing. It is important to pick a position that you’re passionate about since it will make you feel satisfied. It is also important to choose one that you believe will bring great value to the society. Also, you should have a strategy to follow. Also, you must be patient. You won’t find a job that you like overnight. It is necessary to put in the effort and remain persistent.

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